Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Ever wonder how other companies are showing up first on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Etc? Ever wonder why the only way your company seems to show up on Google search results is when you type your company name and zip code directly in the Google Search Bar? We offer an affordable solution to that problem with our Local Search Engine Optimization Campaigns. Even if you already have a website for your company, you may not be showing up in local Google, Yahoo or Bing Searches. You must have a website that is built to meet the requirements of the Search Engines Algorithms. Google is usually the most strict with website guidelines and if your website is ranking on Google and meets the standard of Google, you will probably be ranking on the other search engines. Understanding Search Engines and how they operate is very important when trying to make the decision on what package to choose for your website and SEO campaigns. Below we are going to show you how Google displays their results and help to answer some questions you may have about what is the best campaign for you and your business.

First page results on Google.

How Google Works.

Below you will see the page structure for the first page results of Google. These results show the Google Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Organic Results and the Google Local Maps listings. When making a decision to take advantage of the rise in technology, it is important to know how the internet works. There are so many different ways to reach out to your target demographics. We want to make sure that you understand all of your options. It is best, if you are not familiar with the way things are in Internet Marketing Industry, to contact us to speak with one of our team members about what would be best for your business.

Below, you are going to see the variety of results from page 1 of Google. There is a few different ways to go as far as getting your business on Google. We are going to talk about the three main ways to help you better understand.


How To Determine The Best SEO For You!

When it comes to a Local Search Engine optimization campaign, you are going to want to make sure that you understand how people are searching. With Local Search Engine Optimization, prospects are really only looking for who shows up first. Something important, People are lazy, they don’t want to have to go to your website and read all about your company! They are simply going to just Google the service they need and they are going to choose the company that shows up on the first page. This is where you need to make sure that you have a custom website that is designed to pop and appeal to the eye. All of our websites are designed to keep the potential client interested and informed. Branding and logo recognition is also very important factors in your marketing strategies. You want to make sure that you have uniformity. You want your logo to be on your website, truck, in an ad, on your quotes, on a sign, everywhere. Reason is, you have a better chance of getting the click if your a company that they may have seen before on a truck or all over town or on a sign. Local small businesses that strictly advertise online, will not be as successful as those who do not have other marketing strategies. We offer full service marketing to ensure that you are sticking out above your competition. Below is more of a breakdown of what you see in the picture above.

Google Local/Maps: The Google Local or Google Maps listings will populate when a search is made with a city, state, county or zip code is added in the search terms. One of the best things about a Google Local listing is that your company will never show up in a search that isn’t relevant to your company. When these results are shown on a mobile device, your prospect has the ability to choose from 3 options. They are able to click a direct link to either call, get directions to you, or visit your website. The best part of that is they are able to either call you or get directions without ever having to visit your website. Did you know that 35% of users will call the first result on Google Places without ever visiting the website? This is a huge statistic and means that as a local business, you can get prospects from Google, Yahoo, Bing etc without them ever having to visit your website. The better part is that the other 65% that don’t just hit the call button, are able to access your website and you can convert then into a lead by having a great online presence. Ready to get started and have your company in front of every local search made online for your service? Visit our contact page or choose one of our packages that best meet your needs.

Organic Results: The organic results and Google Maps on the first page of Google is where 94% of People Click. If that is where 94% of people are clicking, don’t you want to be in that spot? Of course you do! Depending on how the prospect is searching, there may or may not be Google Maps results. If the Search doesn’t include a city and state, there will only be the standard 7-10 organic results. When a prospect is searching out a product or service, they are going to click on a site that is relevant to them. We make sure that your Snippet (actual title and info from your site) shows the keywords and information that is searched most. If you are ready to get your company on the first page of Google, Yahoo, Bing and all the other major search engines contact us today. We offer a wide variety of packages to meet the needs of every business.

Google Pay-Per-Click: Google offers a campaign they call Google AdWords. This campaign offers you the ability to be above the Google Organic Results as well as above the Google Local Results. Although there is a low click through rate due to only about 6% of people clicking these ad’s, this can still be a good investment for the right companies. There is a common misconception with a PPC campaign, that all you have to do is set up the keywords you want and you pay Google when you get clicked. That is a FALSE statement! You must have a website that is properly set up to ever show up. It will be set up the same as any of our Nationwide SEO campaigns. You will also have to be properly set up with Google to be able to actually show up in the Google Ad’s section. One of the major keys to having a successful Pay-Per-Click Campaign is to have a website that is going to captivate the user and keep them on your site. One thing you don’t want to do is have a prospect visit your site and not turn into a lead. We can not only set up a Google AdWords Campaign we can also design a responsive, easy to use and user friendly website to get your conversion rate as high as possible. This is a great option for companies that do not want to wait the month on average time it takes for the Organic Results to start to populate on a Nationwide SEO Campaign. We try to get all of our customers to choose this option when they are in a highly competitive industry and they are looking for a quick return on their investment. We do offer PPC campaign set up, however, if you do not have a huge investment fund, we recommend that you choose some of the following options. Ready to get started with a PPC Campaign? Visit our Contact Page to get set up.