Why Do You Need Custom Website Design And Search Engine optimization?

First Step Marketing has a reputation with our clients of being a one of a kind company. We are able to help you not only create a beautiful website, we can offer you any marketing service you would need. First Step Marketing knows that in today’s times, businesses cannot operate quite like they used to. Things have changed! I know you can barely count on one hand how many people you know that have a phone book and actually use it! Those days are dead and gone. Even my grandmother at age 85 has an iPhone that she can connect via Bluetooth to her speakers and play her oldies music in her house while she cooks a delicious meal for the family once a week. See, we are living in the age of technology. I’m sure you are thinking, yea it a shame that no one can drive anymore because they are glued to their telephones. You may think that is a bad thing, and safety wise it is. But just think, all of those people using their phones all the time are searching out local roofers when the roof leaks and local repair shops when the car breaks down. By nature, human beings are driven by instant gratification! Why would you waste 5 minutes of your life dragging out a heavy phone book and flip through pages to find a company? You have to start singing your ABC’s in your head just to find an electrician. Realistically, you wouldn’t do that! You would just pull up Google on your phone and type in exactly what you need! We have become a civilization of laziness, and we know it. Pretty much all of us have fallen into the trap of technology!

We can all say that its bad that we rely on technology to live our lives but the truth is that it makes everything so much easier. Having a website designed by a Custom Website Design Company like First Step Florida allows you to be there in front of someones face every time they are looking for your products or services. With over 80 million searches performed a day on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, you can believe that the keywords that match your business are being searched daily. Are you going to hop on the technology train and take advantage of all of those searches? Most importantly, how are you going to survive when your competition does? Put it like this, you can say all day that your company is “all word of mouth”. We understand and appreciate that and it was great 3 years ago! Nowadays, people don’t ask their neighbors who did their swimming pool or who is the best general contractor to use. They ask the little robot lady named SIRI on their iPhone’s! it can be frustrating to make a change, especially if you do not know much about the areas you are about to step into. You may be saying to yourself, “I don’t know a thing about website design” or “I’m not paying $10,000 for a new website. The good news is that First Step Marketing knows how to keep you alive in this age of technology at an AFFORDABLE price. We are Florida’s number one website design company and all of our clients would agree! See what they say on all of our review websites.

Why Do I Need The Search Engine Optimization Part?

You may be thinking, OK, I want to get a website, but they cost so much money and I don’t have it to invest. You may also be thinking that if I get a Custom Website Design Company to do a website for my business, I have to pay them and pay Google every time someone clicks on my website. If that were true I wouldn’t blame you for waiting so long to get your business online. I wouldn’t blame you for trying to create a website on one of those template builders! you would be crazy not to! but none of those statements are true! We have website design packages that start at only $500. On top of that, this is only a one time fee! Not so expensive now that you think about it, Right?! First Step Marketing is not Google, we are affiliated with them, but we do not charge you every time someone clicks on your site. When you get those annoying sales calls from Google, you are only being asked if you want them to set up an AdWords campaign. This is where they put your website in that highlighted section above the search results you always click. The ones that never make any sense when you read them. Those are the first 2 or 3 results online. These are ads that only 6% of searchers will actually click on. We get you in the organic results, this is where 96% of users click. On top of that, if you were to go with a Google PPC (pay-per-click) campaign, you still have to hire us to build you a website that meets Google’s PPC Standards. Don’t get me wrong, Google isn’t scamming you or trying to take advantage of you in any way, they are just trying to help you out as best they can. These types of campaigns are used mostly for businesses that have high investment money and want to show up on page one all over the United States and want to do it right away! no time to waste. They have thousands of dollars per week to gamble with. You pay them for every click to your site, if a lead is generated or not.

Now that you have come to the conclusion that website design is a must in order to stay successful, you need to make sure that you hire the right company. You could search the web for hours typing in different searches like; “Website Design Company, Cheap Website Designers, How to get a cheap website, etc etc”. The thing about us is, we are all of those things! you are in the right place. You can keep searching and all your going to find is companies that don’t shoot from the hip like we do. They are going to want you to call them for a price and it will be more then we charge. We challenge you to do it. First Step Marketing has spent years in the Internet Marketing Industry and has over 30 website design and search engine optimization clients in our portfolio. We know what to charge and how to make it lucrative for your company! we know how to set everything up the right way to keep you from getting listed as spam or duplicate content. This means we do everything by the Google book. We don’t break the rules to get you to page one 2 days quicker then you could have the right way, just to see you get taken down the next day for doing it the wrong way.

Here are just a few reasons why you should choose us. We are good at what we do. We are family owned and operated. You will be speaking to the owner of the company when you call. Not some freckle faced kid that is looking to make a few bucks in commission to get a new street bike. We are professionals. We will never treat you like you are a bother and just like I taught my grandma how to use her iPhone, we will get you up to speed with Internet Marketing.

Never feel like you can’t call us to ask a question because we seem like a big company that cant answer a stupid question. My favorite client, Staci D. from The Cake Lady Custom Cakes calls me 3 or 4 times a month to help her with her desktop computer. We know that not everyone understands this crazy internet world. If your a plumber and I have a clogged sink, I would have to call you because I don’t know a thing about how to fix a pipe. Once you become a client at First Step Marketing you become part of the family. We believe in the best customer service and will stand by our customers no matter what.

If you are interested In a custom website design package, give us a call. You can request a call by clicking that little green tab to the right or bottom of your screen or just visit the contact page. We look forward to getting to know you and how we can help your company grow. Keep in mind that we offer Flex Pay options where you can finance your website and pay it off over the course of a year. Stop with all the excuses about why you don’t have a site. And if you do have a site, make sure you’re not in denial by saying you show up on page one of Google. Typing in your company name in the search box doesn’t count. We mean typing in your services or products and showing up online. We want you to get a site and laugh while talking with us on the phone. Call us today for a free website audit.