What to expect with our website design and SEO packages

First Step Florida is a full service marketing firm that specializes in custom website design, content creation, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing and much more. We are dedicated to keeping you as involved as possible every step of the way. We are committed to offering you only the most intricate and user friendly design and want you to know that creating a website from scratch can be quite a process. The best part about choosing First Step Florida to create an internet marketing campaign is that we take all of the stress out of the process for you. Here is the process broken down so you know exactly what to expect.

Initial Website Design & SEO Consultation

First, you will speak with one of our marketing consultants about what needs you are looking to have met. We will need to know what you are looking to achieve with your custom website creation, who you are looking to reach demographically, what you will be using your website for (selling your products on an E-Commerce website) and how aggressive you want to target your prospects. We will also discuss your marketing budget and determine what website design and SEO plan is going to meet all of your needs. This part of the marketing process is no cost to you.

Search Engine Keyword Research & Design

After you choose a package that can meet all of your needs, we then begin the research process. This is where we audit all of your competitor’s websites to determine what keywords they target and figure out their internet marketing techniques. We will also find out what keywords are searched most frequently and how competitive they are to rank on page one. While we are hard at work putting together the Search Engine Optimization strategy, our design team will be putting together the perfect website layout that will look amazing and will be easy to use. First Step Florida will incorporate your branding products like logos, color schemes and any other custom made designs you have for your business. Brand New Company or Don’t have a logo? First Step Florida offers Logo Creation at no additional charge.

Website Creation & Search Engine Optimization

Once we get your approval on a layout for your website and we have selected the best keywords for your SEM/SEO campaign, we start to design. Every website that First Step Florida creates is fully custom and we never use content from another website (unless it is facts, statistics or a definition). During the design process, you will be receiving many different emails and/or phone calls from the website design and Search Engine Optimization consultants to ensure that the design is going in the right direction for your business. First Step Florida will never make you write content for your business, usually we only need a bullet point list of facts about you and your business and pictures. This takes the stress out of having to write a website that has enough content to get indexed for good keywords with the major search engines. One thing that is very important if you are trying to achieve high rankings on Google; you must have a lot of original, keyword rich, properly structured and perfectly coded content. Did you know that having simple HTML errors in your site can cause it to never show up on page one. There are so many tiny different things that have to be perfect in order for your site to work perfectly. A website that is going to be used for Google, Yahoo & Bing optimization is like a clock, if there is one little gear that is missing a piece it will never tell Google the right time. We have a variety of different software programs that will double check all of our HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript files to ensure that every T is Crossed and every I is dotted. We take pride in knowing that sites stamped with First Step Florida will be made the right way and will be beautiful.

Final Proofing Before Launch of Website

Once First Step Florida’s website creation and SEO/SEM team have done their part in creating you a masterpiece, we will have you take a look at it before we launch the website to the public and do a press release. We can move this here, move that there and add this over here. We will be sure to put in every single detail that you request before we launch the website online. In some cases, clients will need to wait on things like testimonials or more pictures of their finished jobs. In cases like that, we will go ahead and publish the site because you have a monthly maintenance fee that covers us updating your website at any time, keeping your website up to the ever changing Google Algorithms as well as many other things. When you see your website and give us the final approval, we will get your site online and get you one step closer to page one of all the major search engines. At this point of the marketing process, we will have a meeting either in person or an online meeting to go over all the final details and changes before launch. Keep in mind that if a month later an idea pops into your head about an idea for the website and it was never put into the design, we will add it in anytime without you having to pay us to do it (as long as you are on a maintenance plan).

Submit Your Website To All The Search Engines And Directories

After we have created your amazing and beautiful website, we then submit it to many different Search Engine Sites and Directories. Although there are just a few major searching sites like Google, Yahoo, Bing & MSN, there are many others that are extremely important. There are literally THOUSANDS of online search engines and directories that you need to be listed on for proper Search Engine Optimization. We will submit your website to all the directories and search sites which will cause your site to; Have more backlinks, become indexed on every search engine, have increased rankings and generate more traffic. The ultimate goal in a website is to have a website that will generate more leads and is the best marketing tool available in today’s world of technology.

Press Release & Social Media Marketing

Now that all the hard work if coding, designing and writing is done, we will let others know all about how they need to visit your website. After the launch of a website, First Step Florida will offer a free press release for the launch of you new website. This is a great way to build solid backlinks with keyword rich anchor text. Anchor text is the highlighted link word that points to your website. We also want to let everyone you and your business knows about your new site. We use Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and other social media sites to drive traffic to your site. We give you a special link that will display some information and content from your website to all your fans and followers on Facebook and Twitter. Not into social media, don’t know how to use Facebook or Twitter? We have social media marketing packages that are vital to surviving in today’s new age. Having all the social media sites set up correctly and being popular on them is just as important to Search Engine Optimization as having the right keywords.

Maintaining & Updating Your Website

First Step Florida is not going to just design your website and leave you out in the dust. Every website creation and Search Engine Marketing Campaign we offer includes a monthly maintenance plan. This maintenance plan guarantees you that if Google, the industry standard, changes the algorithm for displaying search results, we will change the site to meet the new guidelines. We will also add in new content at any time, add in new pictures and as long as you pay a maintenance fee we will guarantee your business will remain on the FIRST page of Google, Yahoo, Bing and all the other search engines. We want to make sure that you are always happy with your services and come to us for all of your marketing needs. We are not a one stop shop and want you to trust us with all of your marketing needs. A happy customer is your best sales person and First Step Florida does our best to ensure that you are always taken care of.

Ready To Take The First Step Towards Success?

If you are ready to start this painless, stress free process, give us a call today. We can cater to the need of any customer. No business is to small and we can handle them all. IF you have any questions about any of this computer mumbo jumbo, give us a call today at the number listed below. We can also be reached by filling out our contact form and can either e-mail you or call you depending on your selection. Stop letting your competition beat you and get above all of them today. First Step Florida, We Bring The Clients To You!